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Remote Construction and Infrastructure Management using XR and Robotics

Remote Construction and Infrastructure Management using XR and Robotics


Undertaking the prevalent challenges faced by infrastructure construction projects in Alberta, this project endeavours to address critical issues such as low productivity, labour shortages, and unfavourable climates that have been impeding the project progress.

The research aims to develop and validate an integrated smart project management tool that would be crucial in enhancing decision-making procedures related to scheduling and resource allocation. The development of this tool will rely on cutting-edge technology, such as multi-platform robotic reality capturing stations, computer vision for automatic object and activity recognition, productivity simulation for predictive project performance, and XR-based intuitive decision-making as well as extended uses. At the heart of this research is the user-centric approach developed by Zhong Wang, Yulun Wu, and Dr. Vicente Gonzalez, ensuring the project stays grounded on practical applications by actively involving end-users from construction projects. The primary aim is to leverage advanced technology to create a smart project management tool that increases productivity, refines resource allocation, and encourages informed decision-making. In doing so, the project aspires to mitigate the detrimental factors affecting infrastructure construction projects, thereby enhancing efficiency and effectiveness in their execution.

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