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Our main areas of consulting services cover the following


Productivity Optimization in Construction and Infrastructure Projects.


Planning and Control Improvements to Construction and Infrastructure Projects.


Structural Engineering and Health Monitoring.


Occupational Health and Safety.


Inspection and Assessment of Existing and “Under Construction” Facilities (e.g., process/product quality, structural integrity, productivity assessment).


Equity, diversity and inclusion in construction.

While we have technical expertise that builds on digital and smart technologies, we have a wealth of expertise that comfortably moves from traditional working approaches to more advanced ones to deal with practical industry problems as follows

Digital Twinning & Modeling Services

Application of Extended Reality and Serious Games in the AEC Industry

AI & Machine Learning in Design, Construction and Maintenance

Lean Construction Consulting

Application of Biosensing and Socio-cognitive Theories for Workers’ Health and Safety

Digital Transformation Consulting using Lean Construction 4.0

Worker Health, Safety, and Productivity Consulting

Smart, Equitable & Sustainable Infrastructure Systems

Training & Education Services

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