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Digital twinning for construction and infrastructure applications

City Sky
Digital twinning for construction and infrastructure applications


The main aim of this research area is to develop an ecosystem where newly-emerging digital and smart technologies can be seamlessly adapted to current construction practices.

To achieve this vision, Dr. Gonzalez is proposing a construction and infrastructure digital twin (C&IDT) framework and ecosystem based on Lean Construction 4.0 principles (co-introduced by Dr. Gonzalez), which advocates for a view of construction management that integrates production theory through Lean Construction, Industry 4.0-driven smart and digital technologies, and people and culture under a human-centred and cultural-based design optic for construction and engineering organisations.

Human-centred design aims to render interactive systems usable and useful by not only placing, but actively involving, users at the core of design and development processes. In contrast to product- or technology-centric approaches, human-centred design develops culturally-robust, human-informed, and suitable solutions to problems.

Overall, this approach is expected to provide the technical and practical basis to drive enhanced adoption of digitalisation and, consequently, improve competitiveness of the construction and infrastructure industry.

In addition, a human-centred approach will facilitate a focus on resilient infrastructure (e.g., energy facilities, buildings, roads) by providing a means through which the adoption of not only Lean, but sustainable and cultural-based principles, can be easily and simultaneously incorporated into the design and construction of construction and infrastructure projects.

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